Our Story - In the press today

C21 Asten is back on the front pages of Tenerife´s newspapers and with an exclusive interview with our broker Anton Sorokko.

TPG: Hello Anton! Can we start our chat by asking when you decided to take over the Century21 franchise? Anton: Hello George. I started the real estate career back in 2009 during the worst years of crisis. Those were the years that made me learn to be patient, to concentrate on work without immediate results, and perseverance. I have started as an agent, became a partner in 3 years, and opening my own agency ASTEN under the Century21 franchise. We had some very good results with our previous agency, but I was looking for the way to grow and expand the business, so the franchise model and know-how were the best way to achieve it. 3,5 years ago ASTEN became the first Century21 office in Tenerife, and basically made the Century21 brand known in the island. Honestly, I think this to be my major achievement to convert this renowned brand from zero local awareness, a pure start up, into what it is now.

TPG: How were these 3,5 years with the brand? Anton: Fantastic. ASTEN was the best office in Century21 Spain in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Quiet an achievement considering that there are 50 Century21 offices in the country right now. We have grown from the team of 5 to the team of 25. We have made early 400 families happy with their new homes. Incredible results that were possible thanks to our team and our clients.

TPG: And how many offices and staff members does the company have at this moment? Anton: We now have two own offices – one in Compostela Beach in the center of the golden mile in Las Americas close to Hard Rock Cafe, and the other one in Terrazas de Duque, that is the heart of the upscale Costa Adeje area right above Bahia del Duque hotel. Apart from myself, there is an office team of four plus this talented team of 20 real estate consultants.

TPG: So what is the secret of your success, Anton? Anton: The success starts inside, and it is always your mind and your people. A strong team is the base of any business, and at ASTEN we are very fortunate to have united so many talented people who are top professionals and better people. We are very different, speak 14 languages, and it is hard to imagine a less cosmopolitan team. What make us strong is a common goal and a clear vision of how to achieve it. We make all decisions together, and I am proud to say that I have an unconditional support from my team. They inspire me to get bigger and better every day.

TPG: Why did you choose Tenerife, and how long have you been on the island? Why would you recommend that other people come to live in Tenerife? Anton: We have been living in Tenerife for 17 years now. We loved this relaxed Canarian life-style, these friendly local people, their happy faces. We loved the sun, low prices and overall sense of security that an island gives you. As a matter of fact the majority of our clients buy properties here for the same reasons. Apart from that the island was full of opportunities. And if your work style is not as relaxed as of the locals, you already have an advantage.

TPG: Are you and your family quite settled and happy here? Anton: Oh yes. My wife has a Russian language school for children. We have two daughters who were born here and don’t imagine living anywhere else.