Our Story - 8th Anniversary of Asten Realty!

Asten Realty is 8 years old today. Is it a lot or little? On the scale of large companies that are 30, 50 or 100 years old, with whose name generations are born and die, this is not much. But on the scale of the life of a human being, 8 years are 2.920 days. That is, almost three thousand days of hard work: selflearning and selfdeveloping, building a team, creating work processes, selecting the right people for key positions, teaching others, motivating, coaching where you can, fighting for clients, technological innovation and a hundred other small things which in the end are of a great importance. And most importantly, these are 2920 days of decisions and choices. As Deepak Chopra wrote, “Whether you like it or not, everything that happens with you at the moment is the result of choices and decisions you have made in the past.” Judging by the fact that Asten Realty is growing, developing, becoming bigger and better, that it is well known, respected and loved, these choices and decisions were correct. But one person is nothing. Thanks to all my team – those who have made and continue to make these choices with me over the years. Thanks to our clients! Thanks to our partners! There is a lot of work to do ahead, so keep on to new big anniversaries!