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Anton Sorokko
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My name is Anton Sorokko. I was born in Russia and have been living in Spain for nearly 25 years. I arrived here with $3,000 and with 3 words in Spanish: “hola”, “adios” and “gracias”. In Russia, after graduating from a University, I worked as operations director in an American consulting firm. Here in Spain I started from scratch in timeshare sales without salary, only on commission. There was a time when I had 3 pesetas left in my pocket – for 2 days we ate grapes and figs from a neighboring abandoned garden. With time, the sales brought results, I became a top producer and after 5 years in Tenerife I bought my first apartment.

Now I have been in the real estate sector for nearly 15 years. I am the founder of Asten Realty – the most prominent real estate agency in the south of Tenerife. We have managed to create a team of great talent and human value. We are 48 people and we continue to grow. My work is something that I am passionate about. I am one of those people who say they have not worked a day because their job is their life and their hobby. I like to make a difference, to inspire people with my own example and to make this world a better place with what I can.

In the university years I played drums in a rock group and wrote silly texts that I wouldn’t dare to show to my children these days. I have been married for 25 years. I have spent more years with my wife, than without her. She is my soulmate and my best friend.

Over time my passion for writing has resulted in a fiction novel “Aprositus” that I published in 2008. It tells the legend of San Borondon – a famous lost island near the Canaries. The book turned out to be a popular tour guide – we have sold 5.000 copies since its publication.

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Our Story

Asten Christmas Dinner 2023!

December 27, 2023

Asten Christmas party 2023 in Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque – a member of Leading hotels of the world for a member of Leading real estate companies of the world! Fantastic soirée with fun, games, toasts & prizes!

Very special “10 years in Asten” prizes to my dear colleagues & friends Artem Popov & Victor Valverde! The pioneers of Asten, you were with me from the very beginning of the company! As Victor said in his toast, “We’ve spent 1/5 of our lives in this company” – and this is the kind of relationship that we mean when we say it’s Asten family.

The coordinator of the year – Anastasia Rodionova! The growth of the year – Natalia Shuler! The rookie of the year – Diana Aitchison! Congratulations from all our team!

Asten is the best example of “the whole that is bigger than the sum of its parts”! I am proud to lead this team of 47 talents! I am privileged that you share your journeys with me!

#asten #astenrealty #AstenTeam #thebestplacetowork

10 years of Asten

October 10, 2023

Today, October 10th, 10 years ago, Asten Realty officially stepped on the accelerator. What started as a small project with 5 people has grown 10 times, becoming a multinational team known and respected all over Tenerife.

I am proud of this company!

1) Asten Realty has created and continues to create employment for many people. It is an honour but also a lot of responsibility, because behind all of you there are your families that number about 200 people!

2) Asten Realty has contributed and continues to contribute to society. Our success is not only about profit and growth, but also about positive impact. We make the world a little better with our work – over the years we have made more than 2,000 clients happy!

3) Asten Realty is a hallmark of quality. In 2013 we launched with the belief that if we focused on clients, on providing guarantees, on making buying and selling an easy and stress-free process, we could build a company that would stand the test of time. Today, that belief is at the core of everything we do.

I’m proud of our team!

A proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others”. Asten Realty would not be Asten Realty without this fabulous team! I continue to be amazed and humbled by the support, dedication and loyalty of all of you – it is a privilege to lead this team! The impressive results are not a fluke when – it is the hard work and effort of our team that I see on a daily basis. To each and every one of you I say: thank you.

Finally, I would like to express my deep gratitude to our customers and partners!

Your trust is the fuel of Asten Realty. More than 2,000 happy families; it is an inspiration that makes us do our best. Our promise is to remain committed to providing you with excellence and value to create your perfect real estate experiences.

According to statistics, 50% of new businesses do not make it to their 5th anniversary. Of the half that do, another 60% die before celebrating their 10th anniversary. In other words, out of 10 new companies, there are only 2 left in 10 years. Asten Realty is one of these few companies and we are just getting started! Together, we will continue to invent, create and build a future that is even more extraordinary than our past. Happy 10th anniversary, Asten Realty, here’s to the next 10 years and beyond!

Your biggest fan,
Anton Sorokko

Happy birthday Asten Realty!

October 10, 2022

Happy birthday Asten Realty!
You all know about our tradition to travel to a town with same name as our company on the day of its birthday – 10th of October. This year, the town of Asten… in Germany, turned out to be a peaceful village with 500 people, 1 church (very beautiful inside), 1 kindergarten and 1 restaurant with breathtaking panoramic view of the valley and beautiful mountains behind the German – Austrian border. We were only 8 of our big Asten team, so we could easily fit in two cars to drive here from Munich that lies 65 km away. The weather was lovely, the golden autumn was getting in its splendour, our emotions were high.

After climbing up the “Asten” road signs, scaring local drivers, and taking about 300 pictures, we sat at a wooden table outside the restaurant to have a light lunch. It is our 3rd town of Asten that we visit, but it still amazes me when I see the word “Asten” around. It was printed on the menu, it was engraved on our beer mugs, it was proudly designed into a shield of a local hunting club. Even the Asten cemetery had a sign on the the entrance, and we found a tomb of a baker from 1871 whose name was Anton – I am not the only Anton from Asten.

No wonder that when we got to Salzburg we went straight to “Retro photo studio”, dressed like 1922 and made a corporate photo of our company 100 years ago. Salzburg is already in Austria, but is only 35 km from Asten. We spent the night there and enjoyed the celebration dinner in a Michelin star restaurant. Man, food is so good in this area.

We toasted to Asten Realty, we missed the rest of our team who could not make it with us, we thanked our clients who have been with us on this journey for 9 years. The journey that… has just begun. We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary next year. Let’s open a map and look for another Asten!

How to achieve a record year in a real estate agency with Anton Sorokko of Asten Realty

January 27, 2022

“It has been an honor and a great pleasure to be interviewed by Carlos Rentalo and MobiliaCRM. Thanks for the invitation!”:

Mission completed: Asten arrives in Asten, Austria

October 11, 2021

Asten goes to Asten – a small town with the same name!
In 2019 our team went to Asten in Holland. This year it is a town in… Austria! We think there is no better way to celebrate the company’s 8th anniversary!!
Asten is some 160 km from Vienna, so we spent the first day in the capital to visit the legendary Landtmann Cafe, taste some Sacher Tart, visit the Modigliani collection in Albertina museum and have the company melas at Michelin restaurants!

Unlike Asten in Holland, the Austrian Asten turns out to be a small town outside Linz that one can cross in 3 minutes by car. But a very nice and clean place with a dozen restaurants and a couple of guest houses. It’s hard to find words to express the emotions we feel in a place where the word “Asten” is as common as the words “water” or “bread”. Where people are born with the word “Asten” and where it is part of the daily life of so many people! The “Asten” sign at the entrance to the village make my heart skip the beat. The names of the local companies with so many “Asten” in the windows are pure adrenaline. There is even an Asten church in this place!…

These 3 days have been a fantastic getaway and the company was unbeatable! For the entire team, these emblematic trips guarantee an unforgettable experience in an aesthetic, gastronomic and, of course, emotional sense. I don’t remember when was the last time we laughed so much, and your toasts at dinners will stay with me for many years! Let’s hope that next year all of us can make it to Asten in… Germany!

8th Anniversary of Asten Realty!

October 10, 2021

Asten Realty is 8 years old today. Is it a lot or little? On the scale of large companies that are 30, 50 or 100 years old, with whose name generations are born and die, this is not much. But on the scale of the life of a human being, 8 years are 2.920 days. That is, almost three thousand days of hard work: selflearning and selfdeveloping, building a team, creating work processes, selecting the right people for key positions, teaching others, motivating, coaching where you can, fighting for clients, technological innovation and a hundred other small things which in the end are of a great importance. And most importantly, these are 2920 days of decisions and choices. As Deepak Chopra wrote, “Whether you like it or not, everything that happens with you at the moment is the result of choices and decisions you have made in the past.” Judging by the fact that Asten Realty is growing, developing, becoming bigger and better, that it is well known, respected and loved, these choices and decisions were correct. But one person is nothing. Thanks to all my team – those who have made and continue to make these choices with me over the years. Thanks to our clients! Thanks to our partners! There is a lot of work to do ahead, so keep on to new big anniversaries!

March 2020 decisions: we close one of our offices in Las Americas

March 12, 2020

The success formula of your business in 2020 = minimize expenses + maximize activity.

Let’s analyze the situation. The economic crisis is a cycle that repeats itself every 10 years. Big capital is always prepared for a new crisis and accumulates a lot of money to change the market the way it needs. During the last year the “golden billion” has been waiting for any minimal excuse to be able to activate its plan.

The perfect context has become COVID-19 + the oil prices drop that lead to the devaluation of local currencies in countries like Russia + the collapse of the stock markets around the world. A 15 days quarantine without any economic activity, multiplied to a global scale by almost all countries and the possible closure of borders, will have both economic and sociological consequences. For some reasons the Spanish government declared the mobilization of the army. Please find enclosed the graph of the American “great depression” that coincides with the March 2020 situation.

What is the best way to prepare for such an uncertain future? Well, to cut the expenses to a minimum and increase the activity to the maximum. At Asten Realty we are taking the following measures:
- We are going to close one of our offices: the one in Las Americas, that is the most expensive, and that cost us 6,000 euros a month in rent. By a coincidence this coming Sunday, the 15ht of March is the end date of our 5-year rental agreement for this office. We have made a decision NOT to renew the rental contract. From now on, all our operations will be moved and executed from our Terrazas del Duque office in Costa Adeje.
- The closing of the Las Americas office leads to the departure of one of our coordinators. We have had a previous meeting with her, have explained everything and arrived to a very friendly solution. So no human harm have been done.
With these measures alone, we will cut a third of our monthly operating expenses. The best decision is the one made at the right moment.

To maximize activity:
- We launch a new CRM – the most powerful program available on the market. We contracted it in the United States at the end of 2019, and have been tailoring it for Asten Realty. By now, I haven´t seen any CRM that would live up to this one!
- We recruit real estate agents with sales experience. In times of crisis it is better to join a recognized and established real estate agency instead of working on your own: we have seen this in 2008 – 2010. Our next training starts on March 30, so contact our Human Resources Director for the interview.
- In times of crisis, real estate sales may decrease but they do not disappear. People will still be buying and selling. In addition, with the capital in place that has been accumulated for good investments, and the bargain offers that will surely reappear, regardless of a decline or a rise of the real estate market, the question is “what percentage of these sales will be made by your real estate agency?” We are going to optimize the work with our owners and buyers, and to educate them on the opportunities the current situation presents.

I wish everyone to remain healthy and optimistic! Be very careful and analyze the situation with a cold head. Hugs and kisses!

Company Birthday

October 10, 2019

Dear friends. Today, on the 10th of October, our company celebrates its 6th anniversary. These have been the years of hard work, motivation, effort, desire, learning and success. What have been making out us stand out throughout these 6 years was the contant improvement – day after day, month after month, year after year. I am proud of all that we have achieved in such a short period of time, of the team we have created, of the talent accelerator we have designed and of a good example we are giving to our colleagues. I looked it up this morning and discovered that in 6 years there were 78 people who have passed through our company. 28 of them are with us today. I would like to congratulate all the Asten team and thank you for the trust you have put in our project, in making this company better and bigger. This birthday is yours guys. I wish you prosperity and success! In the next 6 years we will focus on innovation and technology to optimize the potential we have acquired. I want to thank all our clients and collaborating partners for being with us in this journey. Happy birthday to all Asten people!

Artem Popov is the new Managing Director of Asten Realty®

July 22, 2019

On the 22th of July we start a new chapter in the history of Asten Realty. Our company has a new managing director – Artem Popov.

With the work volume we have been having, it was getting complicated to manage the work of a founding director. At the end of 2018 I made a decisión to split this function in two: that of the director and that of the founder. When a company starts to have directors, the founder becomes what´s called a CEO in corporate management terms – chief executive officer. The difference between these two positions is very simple: the manager “works on today” and the CEO “works on tomorrow”.

I have enormous confidence in Artem to delegate him all Asten operations and sales. This will allow me to concentrate on the growth of the company, our positioning in the market, on stability for our agents, on work process optimisation and on the Asten Realty long-term goals. Without any doubt it is an enormous step forward that will benefit the whole team! Big thanks to all the team for your unconditional support!

Asten Realty® 5th Anniversary

October 10, 2018

Today, the 10.10.2018 Asten Realty® celebrates its 5th anniversary! 50% of the companies in the world fail to celebrate their 5 years in business. Half of these remaining 50% do not meet their 10 years. I wish the Asten family that to celebrate at least 15 years more! Thanks to the whole team for contributing their personal daily effort to make us stronger and bigger! This company is already maturing to a Gran Reserva! I would also want to congratulate two very special persons who have been with me from the beginning! We have been together for 5 years Artem Popov and Víctor Valverde! Thank you for your loyalty, your tireless help and your unconditional support! Thanks to all our customers and collaboration partners for the trust during these 5 years! Thanks to all the agents who have been part of the Asten family at some time! CONGRATULATIONS to the whole team on this great anniversary! ️

Anton Sorokko

Anton Sorokko @ UPGRADE INMOBILIARIO 26/4/2018

April 25, 2018

UPGRADE INMOBILIARIO - Open training for real estate agents in Tenerife

March 20, 2018

On the 26th of April we have a pleasure to invite you to our first open training – UPGRADE INMOBILIARIO with the presentations of one of the best coaches in the industry – CARLOS RENTALO, ALEXANDRE MONTEIRO and MR. UNIVERSE DUCCIO SGUERRI with the practical workshops on How to become a digital real estate agent or How to decipher people. 8 hours full of secrets of the gurus in the spectacular Las Olas room at the new Victoria Suites 5 * GL hotel in Costa Adeje!

At Asten Realty® we believe that the goal of each person is to make the world around a little better. And the goal of each company to add value to the society in which it operates. The training of real estate professionals is essential to create perfect real estate experiences for clients. We invest a lot in the professional and personal growth of our consultants. Asten Business School of the real estate based in the second office in Costa Adeje has been training our consultants since 2016.

In 2018 we want to take these practices beyond our classrooms. We want to extend the training to the professionals from other agencies to exchange the knowledge and to share experiences. The networking among the agents will help to collaborate better and more, training of this type will raise the level of the real estate services to general public – the clients who sell and buy their properties in the south of Tenerife.

More info and tickets at –

Asten Realty is now on the list of LEADING REAL ESTATE COMPANIES OF THE WORLD ®.

July 01, 2017

We have a big pleasure to announce that Asten Realty was selected for membership in LEADING REAL ESTATE COMPANIES OF THE WORLD® – the largest network of the world’s market-leading independent residential brokerages in over 65 countries, with 565 firms and 130,000 sales associates producing over 1.1 million transactions valued at $368 billion annually. This “by-invitation-only” network is based on the unparalleled performance and trusted relationships that result in exceptional client experiences. All network affiliates are widely recognized as the premier providers of quality residential real estate and relocation services.

This affiliation represents another step in the development of our company and our ability to provide top-quality real estate services in the South of Tenerife, as ASTEN REALTY was selected for this honorable membership only after meeting the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® exacting standards.

“We are delighted that ASTEN REALTY has joined Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®,” commented President and CEO of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® Pam O’Connor. “The company’s selection was based on the firm’s outstanding reputation, as well as its demonstrated ability to deliver the same high quality service and superior reliability as our other affiliates. This level of service is the foundation of our network and is the basis for our longevity and success as one of the industry’s leading providers of real estate services.”

To learn more about Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® please visit

Changes inspire

May 18, 2017

Dear clients and colleagues!

Please be informed that our company will leave the Century21 brand as of 1 of June 2017. It is a unanimous decision of all our team, that was thoroughly examined and evaluated. We would like to thank everyone at Century21 brand for an exciting and successful experience that we were part of. We will now proceed as an independent company under the same name – ASTEN Realty. We will keep both our offices, and all our talented team, and will go on making our company bigger and better.

During these years we have developed a business model that has been giving outstanding results in client service and operational productivity. The evidence is our rankings in the national brand where we held the Number 1 status in sales in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

We have also developed the value package for our clients. Our goal is to sell a property in the shortest possible time, and our mission is to convert the buy-sell process into a pleasurable, stress-free experience for all the parties. Few agencies invest as much in the property promotion and portfolio awareness as ASTEN Realty. Only last year 200 families celebrated their purchases and sales with ASTEN Realty.

The value package for our team is yet another foundation of our company. The top-level training is provided to each team member before they start working with the clients, as well as the on-the-job coaching and mastery sessions. All these is delivered by the Asten Business School of real estate, that we launched in 2016. The trimester and yearly awards, other motivation keep our team members getting better every day, and inspires to share knowledge and the know-how. The company is paying a 50% commission on sales, that definitely becomes a major attraction for new agents, creates a partner-to-partner relations within the company, and results in ASTEN Realty being one of the best places to work for a real estate agent in the South of Tenerife.

We would like to thank all of our clients, partners and collaborators for the trust we have been receiving from you throughout these years, and wish us all bigger and better experiences in the future!

Kind regards,

Anton Sorokko
General Director

The best office in Century21 Spain in 2014, 2015 and... in 2016 !

February 11, 2017

Our office becomes the No. 1 office in Century21 Spain for the third consecutive year! Thanks to all our clients for the trust you put in our company! Thanks to our 3 Centurion award winners Artem, Marcelo and Victor, our 2 Diamond award winners Anna and Guillermo, as well as everyone in Century21 Asten team! Your hard work and professionalism in everything you do made us the best office in Spain! An incredible achievement given the level of the other 54 Century21 offices in Spain! Honored. Proud. Grateful. And very very pleased.

Lisbon Coliseum 11.02.2017
Century21 Iberia Convention

Our new office in Costa Adeje

May 11, 2016

At your service starting today! Our second office is now open at Terrazas del Duque in Costa Adeje. Purchase, sale, consulting, paperwork, property management.

How do lobsters grow?

April 11, 2016

The work of a real estate agent has never been easy. Sometimes you feel a lot of pressure and stress. This is a good moment to remember a lobster. Do you know how lobster grows? A lobster has a soft body, but lives inside of a rigid shell. That rigid shell does not expand. As the lobster grows that shell becomes very confining. The lobster feels himself under pressure and uncomfortable. He goes under the rocks to protects himself from predatory fish, casts off his shell, and produces a new one. Eventually that news shells also gets small, the lobster gets under pressure and returns under the rocks. During his life the lobster repeats it several times. What lesson can a real estate agent take out of the life of a lobster? The lesson is simple: the times of pressure and stress are also the times of growth. Both personal and professional growth. Good luck to all real estate lobsters!

…Having fun at today´s team meeting )) before the warm welcome to our second coordinator Dejana and our new consultant Elfida.

New challenges. New strategies.

March 07, 2016

The evolution of the company year after year puts new challenges, when the question “How to be the number one team?” transforms into “How to stay at the top?”, “How to remain a winning team?”, “How to improve the excellent results of the last year?”

During the training today, we reveal the 5 key points on how to build a winning team and a winning company. Here is one of them – Commitment.

Thanks for your support and unanimity team. It is very inspiring!

And congratulations from all our team to Artem to taking the TOP spot in the Century21 Spain ranking in February!!

Yes! We did it again! Century21 ASTEN - # 1 in Spain 2014 & 2015 !

January 31, 2016

Century21 Iberia Convention.
Casino Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal, 30/01/2016.

Great day for the team of Century 21 ASTEN!
For the second time in a row we are ranked the best office in Century 21 Spain!
Just like last year, in 2015 we also repeat our second rankings in Century21 Iberia (Spain and Portugal)!

Our consultants have received one Ruby award, three Esmeralda awards and two top Century21 awards – Centurion.
Artem Popov named best consultant in Century21 Spain in 2015!
Anastasia Rodionova – the best coordinator in Century21 Spain in 2015!

An incredible team! The absolute champions!
Proud to work at Century21 ASTEN !!!

Century21 Asten's new look

August 03, 2015

Find us on Golden Mile in Las Americas!

№1 Agency in Spain in 2014! The Century21 Iberia convention in Portugal 30-31 of January 2015.

February 04, 2015

We did it!
On the annual Century21 Iberia Convention (87 agencies in Portugal + 28 agencies in Spain) in Estoril Century21 Asten was announced to be No. 1 office in Spain and No. 2 office in Iberia. A year of hope, passion and dedication of our entire team. No words can express my gratitude to all of you! I appreciate your contribution, empathy and inspiration in making our goals achieved. We are the number One company in Spain, and Victor Valverde gets his Centurion – top recognition at Century21! Thank you all!
This year we have a new clear challenge – to make Century21 Asten an ideal workplace for any real estate agent operating in the south of Tenerife – the dream company to work at! Together we can make it happen!

Asten Village

August 07, 2014

Starting this August we begin our new campaign ASTEN VILLAGE – giving out these wooden houses to the children of our dear clients.
These houses are hand made in a center of disabled people in Moscow, who are demonstrating an incredible work of precision, quality and heart. Thank you very much! These lights are like the light from your soul…
We are sure these first 100 houses will fly out rapidly, so we will be asking for more houses for our ASTEN Village very soon!!