Melisa Pellegrini

Melisa Pellegrini
Melisa Pellegrini
Property Consultant
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Born in Mendoza, Argentina, known as the land of sun and good wine. The last child among 6 siblings who would soon begin their return to the north of the American continent, where most of them were born.

Melisa was raised in the outskirts of the popular Canadian city of Montreal. She assimilated English as her mother tongue, but without forgetting her Argentinean roots, her parents took care of them. When she became a teenager, her life took a big turn and her parents returned to Argentina. With much regret at the time and not wanting to leave her beloved Canada, Melisa returned to the country that had given her life. There, she had to learn to read, speak and write Spanish at a very accelerated pace in order to keep up with other children her age. It took tears and sweat, but in the end, it can be said, she melted into the rich culture and beauty of Argentina, loving it and embracing its values and making them her way of life.

She was persevering and little by little, Melisa managed to better herself. She took Cambridge University exams for young people aspiring to assess their foreign language learning, studied at the University of International Trade and Public English Translator. She worked for more than 10 years in customer service, between 5-star casinos and sales and customer service positions, while studying.

Finally, she landed in Tenerife, her home for many years now. A place that has given her freedom and peace, work and fortune, family and love. Where she can work, but at the same time enjoy himself. A place where she can finally fulfil the purpose for which she was born. Where she can talk, meet people and their cultures, gain new experiences, enjoy eating, doing Karaoke, watching movies (she is a film buff) and enjoy her family and friends who are scattered all over the world.

What a great experience, from South to North and back again, all the way to the East of it all: Tenerife! A land of love and hospitality, come! Take the risk to live, to feel Tenerife. Remember, “Who does not risk, does not win…”, motto of her life.

Personal Achievements

  • Top 1 in New Listings in the second quarter 2021
  • Million Euro Property Seller 2022
  • Top 1 Producer in the second quarter 2023
  • Top 1 in Transactions in the second quarter 2023
  • Top Producer No. 1 Asten Realty 2023

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