Our Story - Artem Popov is the new Managing Director of Asten Realty®

On the 22th of July we start a new chapter in the history of Asten Realty. Our company has a new managing director – Artem Popov.

With the work volume we have been having, it was getting complicated to manage the work of a founding director. At the end of 2018 I made a decisión to split this function in two: that of the director and that of the founder. When a company starts to have directors, the founder becomes what´s called a CEO in corporate management terms – chief executive officer. The difference between these two positions is very simple: the manager “works on today” and the CEO “works on tomorrow”.

I have enormous confidence in Artem to delegate him all Asten operations and sales. This will allow me to concentrate on the growth of the company, our positioning in the market, on stability for our agents, on work process optimisation and on the Asten Realty long-term goals. Without any doubt it is an enormous step forward that will benefit the whole team! Big thanks to all the team for your unconditional support!