Our Story - How do lobsters grow?

The work of a real estate agent has never been easy. Sometimes you feel a lot of pressure and stress. This is a good moment to remember a lobster. Do you know how lobster grows? A lobster has a soft body, but lives inside of a rigid shell. That rigid shell does not expand. As the lobster grows that shell becomes very confining. The lobster feels himself under pressure and uncomfortable. He goes under the rocks to protects himself from predatory fish, casts off his shell, and produces a new one. Eventually that news shells also gets small, the lobster gets under pressure and returns under the rocks. During his life the lobster repeats it several times. What lesson can a real estate agent take out of the life of a lobster? The lesson is simple: the times of pressure and stress are also the times of growth. Both personal and professional growth. Good luck to all real estate lobsters!

…Having fun at today´s team meeting )) before the warm welcome to our second coordinator Dejana and our new consultant Elfida.