Our Story - March 2020 decisions: we close one of our offices in Las Americas

The success formula of your business in 2020 = minimize expenses + maximize activity.

Let’s analyze the situation. The economic crisis is a cycle that repeats itself every 10 years. Big capital is always prepared for a new crisis and accumulates a lot of money to change the market the way it needs. During the last year the “golden billion” has been waiting for any minimal excuse to be able to activate its plan.

The perfect context has become COVID-19 + the oil prices drop that lead to the devaluation of local currencies in countries like Russia + the collapse of the stock markets around the world. A 15 days quarantine without any economic activity, multiplied to a global scale by almost all countries and the possible closure of borders, will have both economic and sociological consequences. For some reasons the Spanish government declared the mobilization of the army. Please find enclosed the graph of the American “great depression” that coincides with the March 2020 situation.

What is the best way to prepare for such an uncertain future? Well, to cut the expenses to a minimum and increase the activity to the maximum. At Asten Realty we are taking the following measures: - We are going to close one of our offices: the one in Las Americas, that is the most expensive, and that cost us 6,000 euros a month in rent. By a coincidence this coming Sunday, the 15ht of March is the end date of our 5-year rental agreement for this office. We have made a decision NOT to renew the rental contract. From now on, all our operations will be moved and executed from our Terrazas del Duque office in Costa Adeje. - The closing of the Las Americas office leads to the departure of one of our coordinators. We have had a previous meeting with her, have explained everything and arrived to a very friendly solution. So no human harm have been done. With these measures alone, we will cut a third of our monthly operating expenses. The best decision is the one made at the right moment.

To maximize activity: - We launch a new CRM – the most powerful program available on the market. We contracted it in the United States at the end of 2019, and have been tailoring it for Asten Realty. By now, I haven´t seen any CRM that would live up to this one! - We recruit real estate agents with sales experience. In times of crisis it is better to join a recognized and established real estate agency instead of working on your own: we have seen this in 2008 – 2010. Our next training starts on March 30, so contact our Human Resources Director for the interview. - In times of crisis, real estate sales may decrease but they do not disappear. People will still be buying and selling. In addition, with the capital in place that has been accumulated for good investments, and the bargain offers that will surely reappear, regardless of a decline or a rise of the real estate market, the question is “what percentage of these sales will be made by your real estate agency?” We are going to optimize the work with our owners and buyers, and to educate them on the opportunities the current situation presents.

I wish everyone to remain healthy and optimistic! Be very careful and analyze the situation with a cold head. Hugs and kisses!