Our Story - Mission completed: Asten arrives in Asten, Austria

Asten goes to Asten – a small town with the same name! In 2019 our team went to Asten in Holland. This year it is a town in… Austria! We think there is no better way to celebrate the company’s 8th anniversary!! Asten is some 160 km from Vienna, so we spent the first day in the capital to visit the legendary Landtmann Cafe, taste some Sacher Tart, visit the Modigliani collection in Albertina museum and have the company melas at Michelin restaurants!

Unlike Asten in Holland, the Austrian Asten turns out to be a small town outside Linz that one can cross in 3 minutes by car. But a very nice and clean place with a dozen restaurants and a couple of guest houses. It’s hard to find words to express the emotions we feel in a place where the word “Asten” is as common as the words “water” or “bread”. Where people are born with the word “Asten” and where it is part of the daily life of so many people! The “Asten” sign at the entrance to the village make my heart skip the beat. The names of the local companies with so many “Asten” in the windows are pure adrenaline. There is even an Asten church in this place!…

These 3 days have been a fantastic getaway and the company was unbeatable! For the entire team, these emblematic trips guarantee an unforgettable experience in an aesthetic, gastronomic and, of course, emotional sense. I don’t remember when was the last time we laughed so much, and your toasts at dinners will stay with me for many years! Let’s hope that next year all of us can make it to Asten in… Germany!