Our Story - The Asten Realty Team Retreat was amazing!

The Asten Realty Team Retreat was amazing! Aside from being a powerful team building tool, a retreat is a form of mental and physical therapy.

This Friday we closed the office for a whole day (Asten Holiday) and went out into a magical and spiritual environment. Almost the entire team outside the office was together. 8 hour retreat with 10 activities and lunch with a guest super chef.

Barriers between colleagues are broken down, everyone’s personal side becomes known, you show yourself vulnerable, disputes are forgotten, trust is created. You are surprised by the stories of others and get to know their human sides. You laugh a lot, reflect more, breathe only positive energy and grow as a person in a team.

To set up this retreat, we hired a professional coach. For 1 month he prepared us with 2 workshops in the office, now he was at the retreat and he will follow up later. A true professional – 100% Asten Realty level. In short, another unforgettable Asten Realty event!