Our Story - The New York Times ask our CEO for an interview and features one of our villas in their Sunday edition

It’s not every day that The New York Times asks you for an interview. According to many, this is the most important newspaper in the USA. So it came quite as a surprise when our CEO Anton Sorokko received a phone call from New York and was asked for an interview and for a permission to showcase one of Asten Realty’s listings. In this case, the historic villa in Icod de los Vinos valued at €1.599.000 and listed by Gina Havecker and Diego Fajardo. The article was supposed to go to public both in paper as well as online in the newspaper´s Sunday edition, that is the most read edition of the week.

We are very delighted with the result. The paper edition is on its way from New York to our office in Costa Adeje. As Anton commented in his social networks, “It is an honor and a privilege to help promote Canarian real estate market to the american buyers!” He also thanked all the Asten Realty team for their continuous effort to create the good reputation and to magnify our reach that make these types of interviews possible.

To read the article please follow this link – https://www.nytimes.com/2022/11/09/realestate/canary-islands-housing-market.html?unlocked_article_code=dChaMFM3vIN1H6LICHLHmr-Tdhp3b15KbBdlk0jcUZWs28uc3oAZZfKTz-SotqPcJ-pWAdJFnlmdIyt93vrEPNSOMUckpzwOELuMJ2zLnkEiPBg_P2-4ADZKDiKujwt7HPNmenM_aU_FNxYjrSNsGAXEyHVhKijynYDiMgD0YmbBXLNy8h-Gms6vRv9cLxvN0DAvHfYk1pHVwKCXqim9DBfRydGeqt5PFoaOA5QvajspoAgoiiNkaAgi6NDiHJoLGaS62vj16rQqdKQD6U1sUn0MYINGNq_g2iyaWyhc3bMF7gvTkNz_iS7bchuxN_qSVk4wXJUBprXMZeNLIEd20_b8LCBoYtH_RIPD&smid=wa-share