Our Story - Happy birthday Asten Realty!

Happy birthday Asten Realty! You all know about our tradition to travel to a town with same name as our company on the day of its birthday – 10th of October. This year, the town of Asten… in Germany, turned out to be a peaceful village with 500 people, 1 church (very beautiful inside), 1 kindergarten and 1 restaurant with breathtaking panoramic view of the valley and beautiful mountains behind the German – Austrian border. We were only 8 of our big Asten team, so we could easily fit in two cars to drive here from Munich that lies 65 km away. The weather was lovely, the golden autumn was getting in its splendour, our emotions were high.

After climbing up the “Asten” road signs, scaring local drivers, and taking about 300 pictures, we sat at a wooden table outside the restaurant to have a light lunch. It is our 3rd town of Asten that we visit, but it still amazes me when I see the word “Asten” around. It was printed on the menu, it was engraved on our beer mugs, it was proudly designed into a shield of a local hunting club. Even the Asten cemetery had a sign on the the entrance, and we found a tomb of a baker from 1871 whose name was Anton – I am not the only Anton from Asten.

No wonder that when we got to Salzburg we went straight to “Retro photo studio”, dressed like 1922 and made a corporate photo of our company 100 years ago. Salzburg is already in Austria, but is only 35 km from Asten. We spent the night there and enjoyed the celebration dinner in a Michelin star restaurant. Man, food is so good in this area.

We toasted to Asten Realty, we missed the rest of our team who could not make it with us, we thanked our clients who have been with us on this journey for 9 years. The journey that… has just begun. We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary next year. Let’s open a map and look for another Asten!