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Giulia was born in Tenerife, but is of Italian origin. She graduated in
High School, completed a Higher Degree in Advanced Chiromassage and also
and she also finished a flight attendant course.

She spent 6 months living in Italy to change her lifestyle a little bit, but she realised that it was not enough for her.
lifestyle, but she realised that in Tenerife she has everything and so she decided to return.
decided to come back.

Thanks to this decision she started a new journey in the real estate sector.
real estate; his father has also been a real estate professional
for almost 30 years now. She has always been interested
in this world and feels very fortunate to be able to be part of a great company like Asten Realty.

Giulia’s favourite things are sports and travelling. She hopes to
she hopes to achieve everything she sets her mind to and she has no doubt that she will be able to
achieve it.

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