Yordan Lauwers

Yordan Lauwers
Yordan Lauwers
Consultant in training
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Born in Tenerife, but of Belgian origin, Yordan shares the best qualities of each lifestyle.

Interested since he was young in the business world and specifically in the real estate world, after finishing his studies and working in the hotel business, he decided to completely change his working life to dedicate himself to the real estate business he had been interested in for years.

And for this there was no better place than Asten Realty, where he not only received the most complete training possible, but also met a great team of professionals who would help him on his way.

Always willing to help others, Yordan enjoys any process that leads to learning. This mentality has led him to learn to play various instruments, practice all kinds of sports, travel, and do both professional and leisure training. This is where his interest in the real estate sector stems from, as he sees it as the ideal opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.

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